Chances on Love

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A while ago, one of our visitors left a message on Loveawake dating site blog. It was under an article that dealt with the sending of love letters to those who matter most to you. The reader wrote the following comment:

“I wrote a love letter once. Was a big mistake though, cuz it was destined to a girl I didn't even know. So I wrote her this love letter. One morning, on the bus I finally worked up the courage to give it to her.

Let's just say it was a pretty bad idea. Moral of this story, never hand out a love letter to a complete stranger.”

I can only imagine the heartache that ensued after he crashed and burned. I’m sure it was pure torture having his bare heart exposed to the one he loved and receiving nothing in return. But when I read the comment, I couldn’t help but smile – not one of those cute smiles that come across your face when you hear something humorous, but a rare smile that can only come from connecting with something truly pure and joyous!

Sure, it’s probably good advice not to go handing love letters to people you’ve never met . . . at least not without the understanding that odds are you won’t get anything in return. But what if you did!? What if we all made a pact to write a letter to someone who we might not have met for any real length of time – someone who we pass every day in the street or the person who works the counter in the grocery store – and took it to them tomorrow? Yep, it sounds crazy, but can you imagine how that would impact that person’s day? Wouldn’t they be taken aback and snapped out of their normal daily routine? Now what if just one percent of the people who gave a love letter actually got a response in return?!? Wouldn’t that be amazing!! How many lives could be changed? So many!

Mind you, I’m not rushing out to write a letter myself. Instead, I’ve chosen to sit down and write this blog. It’s certainly not as bold as handing a few sincere words to a complete stranger, but it’s a start. Sometimes, we just need 

Set the arena for an electrifying night of excitement with Romantic Date Ideas

Romance should be a key element of each relationship. It assists to intensify your closeness towards each other & letting you to fall in the ocean of romantic love with your companion. As a result setting up for romantic date must also be friendly & loving. Each & every male & female in this acquisitive world has their own idea about the romantic date.

Best Romantic Dates are not merely about flora, sweets & kisses, but you come within reach of love that incites you to bestow those things. Even though you might think that you don’t have loving bone in your body, you will be amazed at what some ingenious thinking can make a difference.

You should observe the fundamental things your companion does on every day basis before planning a beautiful romantic date. You need to discover the likes of your partner that can make her smile. We rarely reflect on these small affairs without any contemplation, hitherto they can be splendidly be utilized to our benefits.

A thought for a captivating romantic date depends upon numerous astonishing little surprises, but what’s vital is what you are doing it for the one you adore the most. You are performing some romantic things which are exceptional for you’re dearly loved, since you wished to communicate something exclusive for her, & you are expecting excellent result of your new romantic date.

What all matters for you is to think one step ahead, & enthralled in the activity for you, individually & your companion to have a loving date. A superb tip for a finest romantic date is to invite her for any ceremonial dinner which is not from the bistro, but to a very formal & romantic place, while using the food which has been prepared by you. It would be a great romantic idea if you go for musical concert with your beloved partner coupled with beautiful red roses for each other. What do you think? Please write your comments.

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